Estate Agent vs FSBO vs Cash Buyer: How Long for a House Sale to Complete

How Long for a House Sale to Complete? It depends. We understand that this is one of the single most frustrating answers to any question – particularly to such an important one as regards selling your house. But it’s nonetheless true, and your timeline will vary significantly based on the method you choose. These include: […]

Condo VS. Townhome

Condos can be modeled after townhomes or single-family homes. A condo can be more expensive than a townhome in terms of maintenance and fees. An association can manage a townhome with common areas. Some associations will require fees to cover the roof like condos. Two things will make a big difference: ownership of the land […]

Why you should consider having solar panels for your property?

With ever-increasing energy costs and the cost that the environment has to pay for the use of fossil fuels for the production of energy, the use of conventional energy sources is questionable. Everyone is worried because of the increase in the fuel price and they want to get an alternative solution for it as well. […]