Shower Doors – How to Combine Practicality With Style

Shower doors come in a variety of different designs, according to the style of a particular bathroom. As well as choosing a door that fits in with the look of your room, how it actually opens is an important consideration. This depends on the layout of the room and the amount of space available. For instance, folding shower doors have to be able to open outwards, to prevent the user becoming trapped inside. There must be sufficient space to do this without hitting any existing bathroom fixtures, such as your sink or cabinets.

For smaller bathrooms, a sliding shower door could make more efficient use of limited space. Sliding or bypass doors can be fitted over a bathtub or to a shower stall. They operate by using rollers to glide along tracks. Although space-saving, because the panels overlap and dirt can get trapped in the tracks, it can be tricky to keep them clean. For better accessibility, trackless shower doors are an option. These accordion style doors have the advantages of no tracks to trip over or keep clean.

For corner shower stalls, a pivot or neo angle shower door could make good use of the space available. The finish of the door is another point to consider. Traditionally, doors for showers have been framed. Frames come in a choice of finishes, from polished aluminium to brushed nickel or satin chrome. Frameless shower doors made from tempered glass are a modern alternative. A frameless glass shower door can help let in light to create a more spacious feel, and can be easier to clean. The hinges and handles can be attached directly onto the glass, which can be custom made to fit specific measurements.

A new shower door offers an effective and long lasting means to prevent water leaking out of the shower tub, and can be a stylish addition to any bathroom.


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