Whirlpool Bathtub Shopping Checklist

1. Prior to shopping, review and have a good understanding of why you want a

whirlpool, and what are your expectations.

2. Look into as many models as possible to become familiar with shapes, sizes, colors,

features, and other options available.

3. As you find sizes, shapes, colors and features you like, be sure to actually get into

them to make sure they “fit” you, or the two of you – are you comfortable?

4. Make sure you are exact about the space you have for your whirlpool, and understand any

space utilization options.

5. What is the availability and warranty on those models you like?

6. Compare such things as acrylic thickness, motor accessibility, and how the motor base could

affect noise and vibration.

7. Insist on heat-bent rigid PVC piping and metal jacketed pump.

8. Understand what kind of electricity and hot water capacity is necessary for optimal performance.

9. What is the best value once you have adequate information and have narrowed it down as

to what you like.

10. What kind of assistance is available for design, delivery, installation, and financing.

11. Understand the difference between soaker tubs, freestanding tubs, air tubs, whirlpools, and

combination tubs.

12. What options are available for cleaning the tub. Does it have an ozone sanitation system.


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