3 Practical Reminders When Moving to a New House

You have finally sold your home and are now highly anticipating your new life as you move to a different place. You are really getting excited about the whole idea until you realize one thing – moving can really be time-consuming. Leaving your property and transferring to another location truly deserves the most careful of […]

Gazebo Kits Are Cheaper and Better

If you’re planning on building a gazebo in your backyard there are going to be hundreds of questions flying through your mind right from where you’re going to build it, the design that would look best as well as the budget you’re willing to spend on it. When you decide to build a gazebo you’re […]

Ideal Garden Shed Designs For Your Garden Area

If you are looking for a place to squirrel away all your gardening tools for a proper and secure place, why not look for a beautiful shed design? Garden sheds will not only notch up the beauty of your garden, you will also have a permanent organized place for your very-useful gardening tools. Garden sheds […]

18 Steps On How To Install A Ceiling Fan

These steps are how to install a generic standard ceiling fan. If you have a more decorative fan please consult your installation instructions included with the fan. Step 1. Turn off the switch and breaker to the electrical box. Step 2. Remove existing fan or light fixture. If you don’t have an existing fixture with […]

The Top 3 Reasons Rubber Tiles Are Amazing!

Typically tiles function to increase the visual appearance of a room or space. While not as visually appealing as other types of tiles, rubber tiles can do things no other tiles can. Read on and you’ll find the top three reasons why they are amazing! 1) They can make a great sound barrier. Not something […]

Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping

If you are looking to increase the beauty of you property at an affordable cost, these landscaping tips will help you plan an effective strategy without costing you a fortune. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a painful excursion into the realm of high cost and low return. Thee tips will ensure you make the right […]

The Worst Ever DIY Disasters

We all love a bit of DIY but unfortunately, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Spare a thought for these poor guys who innocently set out to do some home improvements and got much more than they bargained for. Earlier this year, builder Alan Williams fired a nail through his hand and managed to […]

Use Decorative Concrete to Decorate Your Home

For many of us, building a new home is something that is a lifelong desire. Be it exquisite painted walls or world-class furniture and spacious rooms, there is a lot that we expect from our dream home. However, there is one aspect that many of us do not consider. Not many of us think about […]

The Overlooked Resources of YouTube

Starting out on YouTube A few years ago, a friend had mentioned that I should check out this new website he’d found called YouTube. He told me how easy it was for him to waste hour after hour watching funny video’s posted on the internet by regular folks with a video camera. Well I didn’t […]