Tips For Cleaning Up Holiday Spills

Holidays mean entertaining and when there are people, drinks, food and fun there will be spills. Here are some tips for cleaning up inevitable mishaps. You certainly don’t want those spills to become permanent stains on your favorite area rug.

-Holiday Spill Kit- You have to move fast when that cranberry sauce or red wine hits your favorite area rug. Our suggestion is that you keep a little box containing the following items handy at all times: Dry cleaning fluid, Clean Cloths, White Vinegar, Mild Detergent (containing no alkalis or bleaches), Alcohol, Sponges, Clothes Brush and Weak Ammonia 7% solution. These items can handle most holiday mishaps.

-General Procedure- You should rub or brush your area rug gently from the outer edge of the spill toward the center to prevent spreading or causing a ring when using solvents. This is especially true for twist rugs and pile carpets. In the case that you can’t get to the spill right away and it dries or is just a particularly stubborn stain, you need to follow these three steps; saturate, blot, and brush. Repeat this operation as often as necessary until the stain is completely gone.

Now that you know the correct procedure and have your Spill Kit ready you can pour Uncle Harry that extra glass of red wine and relax.

For more on cleaning and general maintenance tips for area rugs, people can visit the “Rug School” link at the top of our site


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