3 Practical Reminders When Moving to a New House

You have finally sold your home and are now highly anticipating your new life as you move to a different place. You are really getting excited about the whole idea until you realize one thing – moving can really be time-consuming.

Leaving your property and transferring to another location truly deserves the most careful of preparations. Read the following pointers listed below to ensure a hassle-free experience:


As you get ready for the big move, make sure that you connect and disconnect utilities ahead of time. Inform your suppliers ahead of time so you have everything you need before you arrive such as gas, water, and electricity. This is very important to make sure that you will be comfortable on your new home. If you are thinking of switching to another provider, then do some research over the internet. Compare rates and packages to find the best deals.

Also, all utilities from your present home should be properly disconnected.

Mailing Address

Another important thing you should take care of is to spread the word about your change of address. This is particularly applicable if you often receive letters via snail mail. Banks, credit card companies, insurance firms, and others may want to stay in touch with you that’s why you have to let them know. Make a list of people, companies, and organizations that need to be aware of your new address and contact them one by one. You may also consider signing up for a redirect service with the local postal office just to make sure that you do not miss any mails.


Chances are packing your things will be the activity that consumes a huge chunk of your time as you prepare for your new place. Buy boxes and label them to remind you of what’s inside each one. Pay attention to items that are fragile so you can avoid accidentally breaking them. Unpacking will seem easier too as you do this.

Actually, you do not have to pack everything in the first place. You may want to consider donating some old clothing to a local charity. This will decrease the load you need to move plus you’ll be able to help needy people.

As you take note of these three things, you will be able to enjoy moving without any stress. You’ll have all essential utilities in place, you’ll get all letters addressed to you, and none of your things will be damaged along the way.


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