Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping

If you are looking to increase the beauty of you property at an affordable cost, these landscaping tips will help you plan an effective strategy without costing you a fortune. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a painful excursion into the realm of high cost and low return. Thee tips will ensure you make the right decisions at the proper time in the interest of creating the most attractive look for your home.

1.) Plan everything.

Landscaping is an artistic venture and the precise placement of specific plants contributes to the beauty of your exterior. Without sketching the design you want, chances are, you can end up with a terrible landscape and waste precious resources. A professional landscape artist or architect can suggest designs according to your taste when you don’t have a clear idea of what you want. Also, a pro can offer you guidance if you want a pond installed in your garden as this requires a specialized skill.

2.) Be meticulous with materials and buy wisely.

In buying annual and perennial plants and the necessary gardening implements, always inspect the quality and price. Go to a home improvement warehouse as they usually offer a good bargain on bulk mulch and containers. However, when choosing your plants, buy from nurseries since they take better care of their plants compared to warehouses. Searching for plants on catalogs and going to botanical centers can also give you a wider array of choices. Timing counts when purchasing your materials. Lumber for outdoor purposes are cheaper in the winter. Avoid buying new plant varieties when they first come out since they often are very expensive. Buy in phases according to your budget.

3.) Know your measurements.

A ton of soil sounds a lot, but it isn’t. Spreading a ton of soil a few inches deep will cover less than a cubic yard. To have an accurate estimate of loose gardening materials, here are some guidelines:

-A cubic yard of soil, compost or mulch covers 320 square feet with a depth of 1 inch.

-A ton of pea gravel or sand that is spread 2 inches deep will cover 100 – 120 square feet.

-A single-axle dump truck holds five to seven cubic yards of loose-fill material. Larger trucks hold more than 10 cubic yards.

4.) Be open to your neighbors.

Sometimes, the most cost-saving strategy when it comes to landscaping is to communicate well within your community. If your neighbors also plan on landscaping their yards, suggest taking turns in using tillers, chippers and heavy equipment and splitting the rental fee.

Good luck!


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