7 Fantastic Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Or Office

We can pour as much investment as we like into finding what we think is the perfect heating solution for our home or office, but unless we change a few of our every day habits and take steps to be more efficient ourselves, not much will change. Here are seven easy steps you can take toward lowering your energy usage.

  1. Lower the thermostat. This may sound like a no-brainer, but research has shown that turning your thermostat down by just 1 degrees Celsius can lower your energy consumption by as much as 10%
  2. Turn those lights off! We’ve all done it. It’s incredibly easy to leave lights turned on, particular when we’re moving from room to room frequently, but turning them off as you leave one room to go into the next is an excellent habit to get in to.
  3. Don’t fill up the kettle. This is something that many people overlook. We often fill up the kettle to make a coffee or a tea when it really isn’t necessary. Only half filling your kettle can cut the boiling time in half, which also cuts your costs in half. Definitely worth bearing in mind if you’re a big tea or coffee drinker.
  4. Check your water thermostat. By far this is the one that gets overlooked the most. Your water thermostat on your boiler might be needlessly high. It only really needs to be around 60 degrees Celsius, otherwise you’ll find yourself waiting for it too cool down before dive in to do the dishes or hop in the tub.
  5. Insulation. This is a great way to conserve heat in your home and cut down on your energy usage. Most homes come with some kind of attic insulation but you can always invest in more and even insulate the walls for added warmth.
  6. Energy efficient light bulbs. This is another one that may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people still have old filament bulbs in circulation. Swapping them out for energy efficient halogens will you having to change bulbs less and can be up to 80% more economic.
  7. Clean dishes and clothes at low temperatures. Modern detergents are designed to clean things at around 30 – 40 degrees Celsius, and it’s perhaps worth investing in a good ones in order to keep the temperature setting down on your washing machine or dishwasher. You’ll find this makes a huge difference to your overall energy consumption.


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