Buying Log Burners? Five Biggest Mistakes Not to Make

What’s a good way to stay warm and cosy as autumn, and then winter, draw in? It might be a good idea to think about installing log burners to heat your home.

Why do people love log burners?

Contemporary wood burning stoves are nothing like the old rusty things you sometimes find gathering dust at the back of a junk shop. Modern log burners are more efficient than ever before, and offer a real and economical alternative to conventional heating methods, with the added bonus of bringing the charm of yesteryear back into the heart of your home.

But before you even think about wood burning stove installation, you need to know about the five key pitfalls to avoid.

Size matters

Log burners come in all shapes and sizes and buying the right size is about more than just making sure your stove fits through your front door. If you’re lucky enough to have a very large hearth, you may want to also ask yourself whether the wood burning stove you’ve chosen will fill enough of the space in order to look ‘right’.

Whatever the size of your heart or doorway, the key is to measure, measure and measure again.

It ain’t half hot

Once you’re sure that the chimney you want will fit in your room, you need to make sure that its output is suitable. Don’t make the mistake of shelling out to buy an enormous log burner, only to find out that it leaves you sweating in your vest in the middle of February.

Buy cheap, buy twice

Log burners are about more than just rugged good looks. They are a serious long-term investment in your home heating arsenal, and you should only ever have to buy one in your lifetime, providing you choose wisely.

Cheaper wood burner stoves are more likely to look shabby over time, and in some cases, may have parts that will degrade or be vulnerable to damage.

Don’t DIY

Think about it – you are about to start burning real wood in the very centre of your home. You wouldn’t install your own boiler if you weren’t a plumber, so don’t install your own log burner. Always choose a professional installer, ideally one who’s accredited by HETAS (they’re the official body the government recognises to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances.)

Don’t forget the chimney

OK, so you’ve looked at the range of small wood burning stoves and chosen the one that fits your room and your tastes. Did you remember to budget for the necessary alterations to your chimney?

Contemporary wood burning stoves require a lined flue, which is installed in your chimney. You may even need to budget for clearing your chimney out. Otherwise you’ll be left coughing in a house full of smoke.

There you go – a run down of some errors people frequently make. Avoiding these five common mistakes will ensure you can look forward to a lifetime of warm winters. Your log burner will be the envy of your centrally heated friends!


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