Cure Your Weather Blues With A Far Infrared Patio Heater

I love summer. It is a time to sit out on my patio and enjoy my beautiful garden, to meet friends for drinks in my local beer garden and simply breathe in the fresh air and allow the suns warming natural rays to caress my skin. Summer doesn’t last long in England though, and soon I become confined to watching the TV at home or wrapping up like an Eskimo to meet friends inside the dingy local pub.

I hate the cold, and I hate even more being restrained indoors most of the year round.

In recent years however, I’ve seen a boom in outdoor heating technologies which have gloriously allowed me to hang on to that summer feeling well in to autumn and winter. Gas and oil burners are have been a popular choice for outdoor heating solutions with pubs, restaurants and even some homes splashing out to maintain the use of outdoor settings. However; gas and oil burners are both incredibly expensive to run as well as omitting great quantities of damaging exhaust fumes.

The introduction of halogen and infrared quartz patio heaters appeared to be a breakthrough in maintaining outside warmth; but these technologies are in actual fact damaging to the eyes because of their short infrared waves which are intensely bright.

The Cure.

Luckily for us outdoor lovers, a new technology has hit the market which blows traditional patio heaters out of the garden. Far infrared patio heaters are the perfect solution for outdoor areas, whether domestic or commercial, as they are low cost, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Simple to install and requiring no maintenance, far infrared patio heaters heat people and objects in the area rather than simply heating the surrounding air; this means that there is nominal heat loss which in turn means bigger savings for the user. Low wattage, no emissions and the option to focus and control heat; far infrared patio heaters are 100% safe for your eyes as they do not give off that nasty glaring light as other heaters do.

Just as our body naturally accepts the sun’s rays, it naturally radiates far infrared waves so we willingly absorb the heat which creates a stable, comfortable temperature. By absorbing the heat into our bodies and surrounding objects instead of simply heating the air, there’s no chance of extreme heat loss or wasted energy which is what traditional heaters are guilty of. This is beneficial for two reasons;

  1. You remain at a comfortable warm temperature.
  2. You save money because there’s less heat loss which means less wattage.

Whether you have a small or large outdoor area; far infrared heaters are the ideal, green way to stay in touch with nature whilst staying warm.


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