Ducts of HVAC Systems

HVAC system is a complete set up of the humidity and temperature regulators in the manufacturing area in the pharmaceutical facility. A proper installation of a duct in the HVAC system improves the performance. Over the years the system for air conditioning has changed a lot. HVAC systems have been used in controlling the manufacturing environment and the storage compartment in the pharmaceutical. A system used to regulate temperature by just controlling moisture in the air and air filtration is known as air conditioning system. It also provides heat, especially in the cold times and ventilation.

How conditions of a pharmaceutical manufacturing space affect the product is an important factor. Air-conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation system are the basic application for supporting of manufacturing of high-quality products for the pharmaceutical. The HVAC system reaches indoor surroundings and supply with conditioned air. The HVAC system also maintenance humidity, temperature and ventilation in the premises and thus provide the right conditions for manufacturing.

Designing a pharmaceutical plant is controlled by good manufacturing practices that require the firm to provide documents on how they are going to design the structure and how they are going to operate in the facility. That requirement helps to come up with the right facility that is safe and with a good air conditioning system.

Ducts are the passage used in HVAC (heat, ventilation and air condition) to remove or deliver the right amount of air. The ducts also are used as air ventilation in the supply of air in the facility.

The materials to make HVAC system ducts:

1. Galvanized steel

This the most used and highly recommended material used to fabricate ductwork because of the zinc coating. The metal does not rust easily and saves money by avoiding the cost of painting. They can be made in rectangular or circular, but it all depends on the documented design.

2. Aluminum

These are lightweight materials that are also very easy to install. The pharmaceutical space can be easily fitted with this aluminum duct using any shape because they are easy to fabricate. It is also used to make round and spiral ducts.

3. Polyurethane panels

The sheets of metal are fabricated and then installed later. The process of installation can be done in a single step. This panel is listed among the best duct insulation.

4. Fiberglass duct

This duct provides a pre installation thermal insulation that absorbs sound thus giving the quiet nature of the HVAC system.

5. Flexible ducting

They are made of plastic that is not rigid around a metal that takes its shape. For the thermal insulation the flexible duct in a different configuration in the different regions. There is a glass wool that is commonly found in the united state and polyester that is found in Australia.

Components found I the duct system

The HVAC system ducts have the following main components in its installation

Vibrator insulators

The blowers usually provide a substantial vibration and to prevent these insulators are fitted on both sides of the handle. With less vibration, the noise is also low.


For air to be evenly distributed in the HVAC system it must be fitted with take-offs that also allows a small of air to flow in the main duct to be diverted.

Stack boots

These are the vertical thin walls that allow air to travel.

Volume control

The systems have methods of adjusting the volume of air received.

Duct cleaning should be done regularly to maintain the quality of air received.


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