How to Save Money When Air Conditioning Is Non-Negotiable

How many of us can really tolerate a home where the temperature inside is only slightly lower than the temperature outside? When those extra hot days are upon us and the humidity makes you sweat the second you step outside, having an air conditioner isn’t just a plus, it’s a necessity. Running your HVAC system all summer long can be torture on your wallet. So what are you supposed to do? Here are some helpful hints on how to save money when running your AC isn’t a want but a need.

1. Bring on the fans

Fans are an excellent way to supplement your air conditioning system. When you are able to circulate the cold air coming from your system it means you can pump less air into that room, thus saving the amount of energy coming from your AC system.

2. No one home, no AC

If you can stand it, try turning your thermostat up to 85 degrees when you are not home. Don’t forget to close your drapes as well. It keeps the hot air from outside from heating your home unnecessarily. While it might feel unbearable when you come home that will be short-lived since the drapes have kept the sun out.

3. 78 is your optimal temperature

By raising your thermostat up a few degrees in your home you can save up to 40% more on your energy bill every month. 78 degree is the perfect temperature to help your HVAC system run at its most efficient.

4. Engage in a little feng shui

If your air conditioning vents are behind your couch, you may be affecting the air flow in your room. By adjusting the furniture in your room you might be able to direct the airflow in a way that keeps you cooler than you imagined.

5. Get your ducts in a row

By having your air ducts maintained (by a professional!) you are able to ensure that they are not losing efficiency. You may be paying for air that isn’t even making it into your rooms.

6. Cars & HVAC systems

It’s all about maintenance. Getting your system checked before the heat wave sets in is the best way to ensure your system is in tip-top shape and ready to keep you cool the whole summer long.

7. Not all vents need to be open

If there are rooms you aren’t using and that no one is living in, go ahead and close the vents. That will help the airflow in your home to be redirected into those rooms that need it the most.

8. 50% less

Portable or window AC units are a great alternative if you do not want to cool your whole home. They consume up to 50% less energy than your traditional HVAC central air conditioning system.

9. Night is cheaper than day

An hour or two before bed, try cranking your AC up just a few degrees. When you are sleeping your body does not require the same amount of airflow so save during the night with a slightly warmer house.


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