Troubleshooting Central Air Conditioning Problems

There are two types of central air conditioners, which include:

• Packaged air conditioners-with this system it has the condenser, compressor, and evaporator in an outdoor unit. This type is usually used in a small commercial building.

• Split-system – with this system there is an indoor system and an outdoor system. The outdoor unit encases the compressor and condenser. The indoor unit has the evaporator. With this type of central air conditioner they are usually used in a home.

If you have a furnace then having central air conditioning is necessary. As with any appliance you may find the air conditioner giving you problems at some point. Here are some of the typical problems that may happen during the life time of your central air conditioner and how to trouble shot them.

• Thermostat – if you see that you are having problems with the thermostat the first thing to do is replace the old batteries for new ones. With some of the new programmable thermostats they have a low-battery indicator.

• Power – you can check the availability of the power by turning on the fan of the air conditioner and if the fan does not run it means that your air conditioner is not getting power. If this is the case, you will need to check the miniature circuit breakers IMCB) along with the fuses. If the problem is with either of these then it must be fixed. If those are not the problem then you will need to check the condenser and if necessary, check the motor and compressor. If you still cannot find out what the problem is then you will need to call an air conditioning services to have a professional check it out.

• Condenser – when you are checking the condenser you need to make sure that the fan is on the “auto” mode and the selector switch is on the “cool” mode. There is a button near the refrigerant lines that you can press to reset the condenser. If it does not work after resetting it the condenser will need to be replaced by a professional air conditioning technician.

• Condensate pump – this part is normally placed outdoor in either system. The central air conditioner can stall if the pump is unplugged so this is the first thing you check. The system can also stop working if there is a faulty condensate pump. If you see any water collecting around the pump you will need to have a professional fix the problem.

Make sure that the fins and condenser coil are cleaned regularly along with the evaporator to make sure the system runs smooth.


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