Condo VS. Townhome

Condos can be modeled after townhomes or single-family homes. A condo can be more expensive than a townhome in terms of maintenance and fees.

An association can manage a townhome with common areas. Some associations will require fees to cover the roof like condos. Two things will make a big difference: ownership of the land below your feet and insurance.

True townhomes will have a similar legal description to a single-family house, but most will include common areas. A typical townhome legal description will look something like this one from Florida, townhomes in paradise, lot 1, blk 2. Common areas of x, part of y & z.

A townhome’s insurance policy will be slightly different from a condo. The majority of insurance in a condo is paid by the association. The majority of insurance paid by condo owners is for personal property and water damage. However, not for the structure.

A townhome may be covered by the association if it is attached. A townhome owner might need to have additional coverage for the structure, or an independent flood policy if it is located in a flood zone.

For several years I lived in a Florida townhome. I was responsible for the structural, content, and flood insurance. This policy was almost identical to one for single-family homeowners.

A townhome’s maintenance responsibility can differ from a condo’s. Some townhomes require that the owner maintain the roof and exterior.

Other townhome developments only require that the property owner maintain their patio, walkway, or flowerbeds. For more information, refer to the covenants.

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