Cleaning Tips – Best Products to Remove Mold

A Mold Removal Recipe Can Help This Problem

Mold is a very real problem for many home at some stage. A mold removal recipe can help to clean up your home. There are many recipes around for dealing with this problem. There are some that rely on natural ingredients and which are very safe to use. These would be ideal if you only have a small amount of mold to deal with or if you have children or pets at home.

One natural method is to use neat vinegar, This should be sprayed on the affected area and left to stand for a couple of minutes after which the area can be wiped clean. To keep the mold at bay then try spraying areas which are at risk of becoming moldy with a solution of vinegar and water every week. Diluted grapefruit extract also works well if sprayed onto the mold and left to dry.

A more forceful recipe includes the use of bleach. This should be diluted with water and sprayed on the moldy area. It should then be left to soak for a few minutes before being scrubbed off. This can be repeated if necessary. If you want to give it a really thorough scrub then try using a paste made of vinegar and salt.

Mold is not just nasty to look at but can also create health problems such as wheezing, sneezing, asthma and sinusitis. It is also associated with sick building syndrome and so its important to treat it as soon as you see it.

A major cause of mold is trapped moisture. It used to be that houses let the air circulate freely as the windows and doors did not fit properly and few people had fitted carpets. Nowadays the emphasis is on being energy efficient and keeping houses tightly sealed. If you think that some of your rooms may be damp then placing a cat litter tray near the damp can help to absorb the excess moisture.

There are mold test kits on the market that can tell you if your home is moldy. Once you have the facts then you can eliminate the problem. It is worth doing a simple test if you suspect that your home may suffer from damp before you start to suffer from ill health.

There are different types of mold, such as black mold and toxic mold. Black mold detection kits are readily available on the market and are very straightforward to use. Black mold can be toxic but this is very rare, and it is far more likely to be just black mold. When clearing up patches of mold care should be taken not to disturb the spores. If they are disturbed then be very careful not to breathe them in as they are harmful.


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