Better Design with Landscape Edging

Nothing sets apart a yard better than incorporating landscape edging. It can be used as a defining element and also as an excellent way to draw the eye’s attention to a focal point. Not only is it the perfect finishing touch, landscape edging also serves a practical use. It’s it’s one of the best ways of keeping grass and weeds from growing into your flower beds and it’ll help keep the soil and mulch in your garden from washing away.

A Multitude of Landscape edging choices.

Next time you’re out working in your garden, consider ways to take advantage of this easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home. Once you start shopping for landscape edging you’ll quickly realize that it’s available in a wide range of styles and prices. There are a number of natural and man-made materials to choose from including plastic, wood, metal, stone, cement and brick.

A common option is using stones and with so many stone colors and sizes available today, it’s easy to mix and match them to create a landscape edging look that’s truly unique.

Another excellent choice is Wood for landscape edging material. You can use railroad ties, pieces of timber or sections that are already made so all you need to do is measure and install. Since exposure to the elements is inevitable, consider choosing cedar, cypress or redwood as these woods are the most resistant to rot and insects.

If You want to achieve a look that’s totally natural and seamless, why not choose colorful flowering plants or green shrubs? Take a trip to your local garden center to see the many options including those that have been especially designed for use as landscape edging.

An other option is metal landscape edging. It is both durable and versatile, but because of its ability to be molded into different shapes, the finished look can vary considerably. Your choices can include a pattern that’s very simple or you can hire a professional to custom-create an elaborate filigree design.

With its many colors and shapes plastic is a practical and popular choice in landscape edging. It’s generally less expensive than other materials and it’s weather-resistant.

There are so many choices!

With the abundance of landscape edging options available, your biggest challenge will likely be choosing the one that’s right for your yard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can do what others do. Take a drive and see how your neighbors are using landscape edging.Take along your camera so that later on you’ll be able to remember the designs that captured your attention.


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