Landscaping Combo Auto Detailing Business?

Can a landscaping business, which can only really work 10-months out of the year due to harsh winter climates do mobile auto detailing to supplement its down time? Hello, my name is Lance Winslow; the Car Wash Guy and welcome to the show if you have a question about business in the automotive sector the number is; and operators are standing by;

Hello you are on the air, how can I help you with your automotive business question or give you some automotive after market advice today?

Just wondering what kind of advise you can give me. I am on my 12th year of running a Landscape Contracting business and it is going well. The only downside is we can only work 10 months out of the year. We do a decent amount of business, but I need to supplement sales over the winter if we have a below average snowfall. I have always worked on all of the trucks and equipment and keep them well maintained. I had this idea a few years ago, but never followed up on it. I think that now is the time to get into a detail / mobile detail business in my area.

Ah ha; I see you are calling from the (610) area code, I know it well, where are you at Philly Suburbs? Indeed I realize that about the 10-months issue, I have heard of some folks running down to Florida for peak season for this reason, but the labor quality in Florida is horrendous!!! I really like that Tri-State Area on the Southside there

Now then the Mobile Detailing Business in the Winter Time is not so good, however you might be able to do boat hibernation services, those work well or fleet truck cleaning and steam cleaning of school buses and undercarriages. I am afraid that the landscape business and auto detailing business are much the same in this regard.

However, if you can get with a New Car Dealership you maybe able to use their bays to detail their wholesale inventory, trade-ins and provide after market services too? And by the way good luck in your endeavors there, Stay dry! I hear you guys are getting pummeled with rain right now, someone from the Maryland side emailed me today and a caller from Delaware says that she is getting soggy too. Consider this in 2006.


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