Gas Tankless Water Heater – Installation and Maintenance

When you talk about a gas tankless water heater, very few people know the work involved in installing one. All that people really think about when you say “gas tankless water heater” is a tankless water heater that is heated by using gas. That is actually true, but how it is installed and then how it is actually used to heat water is a more complicated matter altogether.

Gas Water Heater Installation 101

A lot of people out there are DIY enthusiasts that believe they can always do a cheaper and better job at installing something than some overpriced professional out there. While that might be true in some aspects, installing the gas pipes and vents needed for a gas tankless water heater may require a little bit more than your average or above average building skills. Installation for these gas pipes require professionals who know the risks and safety measures needed to ensure that there are no leakages that can cause fires and accidents. A gas water heater, if installed inside the house, will need to have a gas pipe run to its heating system to fuel the burners that are used to heat up the passing water. Vents also need to be installed to ventilate the unit. There are gas tankless water heater units that can be installed outdoors. These kinds of tankless gas water heaters, like the Bosch 2400EO-NG natural gas outdoor water heater, helps eliminate the need for vents.

Are They Worth It?

This question has been asked about a lot of things. Jewelry, expensive clothes, women and gas tankless water heaters. About the others, you draw your own answers, about the water heater, favorable reviews say, YES. Not only do you have hot water in almost an instant but you have more of it as compared to having a hot water tank. While they might cost a bit more than the tank versions, they do save you more in the long run and are a whole lot safer. These things do have their flaws however, since instantaneous hot water may not be that instantaneous with a lag time of a few seconds to a few minutes, depending upon your present plumbing situation. They are, however, worth it considering the alternatives and the benefits you get from such a small piece of equipment.


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