5 Phases Of Home Remodeling

Undertaking a home remodeling project is a challenging task. However, knowing the major phases involved in a home remodeling project helps a person to renovate his home smoothly. Every remodeling project has five distinct phases. The successful completion of each of these five phases results in a successful home remodeling. One should hire expert contractors to carry out all these phases properly.

The five phases involved in home remodeling are:


In the planning phase, one should list down his needs and wants on the basis of priority. After selecting the particular materials, stick to them. Changing the mind about minor elements, such as a door hardware or faucet can lead to major delays. One may have to reorder materials and reschedule subcontractors.


The next phase is budgeting. One can ask a few contractors or architects to give an estimate of the remodeling project. Most contractors and architects provide estimation for free. Experienced home builders are well-known for giving accurate estimates. One can also enquire about the expenditure of friends and neighbors who have done similar remodeling. However, costs can differ by place. The prices of construction can also change quickly.

Architects and bath and kitchen designers often charge 10 – 20% fees, which a person may consider as unnecessary costs. However, one should keep in mind that such professionals often detect issues that even the experienced contractors miss out. Irrespective of the professionals one hires, he should ask for detailed and formal bids, as well as references and licensing.


Demolition involves removing elements such as flooring, carpet, wiring and walls. Such work is quite dirty and difficult. However, one is likely to make much savings by carrying out the demolition work himself. This phase is shorter as compared to actual construction, but is quite troublesome for daily life. One should move the breakable items present near walls, to safe places and safeguard the furniture from debris and dust.


If one is carrying out a large-scale remodeling project, it is wise to move out of the home. This is because, during the remodeling, amenities like water, heat, electricity and cable TV are available for several days. Hence, one should look for a house or apartment to rent. A person can also stay in a local hotel that allows him to pay a fixed monthly or weekly amount.


The cleanup phase involves removal of debris and dust after the construction work is over. Similar to the demolition phase, the cleanup phase involves labor-intensive work. To cut down the costs, one can consider carrying out some cleanup work himself. After completion of the cleanup work, one can enjoy staying in the newly remodeled home.

These are the chief phases involved in a home renovation project. One should hire experienced and reputed home builders to get great home renovations and extensions. Knowledge about these phases can help a person to go ahead in the right way when carrying out a remodeling project.


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