How a High End Basement Adds Value To Your Home

There are a number of things that can add value to your home and a high end basement is one the best investments if adding value is high on your priority list. A high end basement is something that most people want as part of their home. It adds another dimension to your home and provides you with some extra space that you can use in many different ways.

A finished basement does more than just provide you with extra livable space, it is a must have and people prefer finished basements when looking for a home.

There are many different options that you can use to transform your basement. What you do with the space depends on not only your personal preferences, but also what you need to space for. Some of the most common uses of basements include an extra living room, an additional bedroom, a play room for your children, and even a place to entertain your guests.

However, many people are now thinking outside of the box and using the space in their basement for unique renovation projects. More and more people are finishing their basement and using it as a home office, a pub, theater room, and some even convert it into a basement apartment and renting it out.

How high end basements adds value to your home

There are a number of ways that finishing your basement can add value to your home. They include:

• More square footage: Finishing your basement adds square footage to your home, which adds to the overall value of your home. The more square footage, the more value it has on the real estate market.

• Flexibility and functionality: A high end basement adds value to your home because it adds both flexibility and functionality to your home. You can use the space in so many different ways and it also provides you with flexibility if your circumstances change over time.

• Income generator: Your basement can be an income generator. Whether you are using it as a home office or as a rental unit, both of these can add a secondary stream of income.

• People are looking for it: One of the main things that people are looking for when buying a home is a finished basement. Having one will immediate add value to your home and can be the deciding factor for a home buyer when comparing their options, especially if homes are in the same price range.

So, how much value does a basement add to your home? While it depends on what you do with the space and where you home is located, the value will vary. However, it is estimated that a high end basement can add up to $25,000 to the value of your home. This is a significant difference.

If you are thinking about doing a home renovation project in the near future, then a basement renovation should be on the top of your list. It will add a new dimension to your home and increase its overall value on the real estate market.


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