Why Installing Synthetic Grass Is An Environmentally Friendly Decision

The decision to install artificial grass in the outdoor space of your home or business is one that is certain to add beauty and value. It is also one that can significantly lower your environmental footprint. While they may not be your primary reason for replacing your natural grass with synthetic turf, the environmental benefits that go along with such a decision are ones you should feel good about. How exactly do artificial grass products allow you to be more environmentally responsible? Let’s take a look.

At first glance, you might not think that natural grass could have an adverse environmental effect. After all natural grass is part of the environment itself, so what gives? As you may have already figured out it’s not the grass itself but rather the maintenance of it that poses the problem. Choosing a high grade synthetic turf product will not only give you a perfect looking lawn year-round, it will also provide these benefits:

• No watering

• No mowing

• No fertilizing

• Lead-free

Those who live in California and other similarly water-challenged places are familiar with the idea of water restrictions. These may be either voluntary or mandatory, and either way they point to the importance of all of us saving water. Synthetic grass allows you to do just that, because unlike your old natural grass it never requires watering. Just think of the water you’ll be able to conserve. Think also about the lower water bills you’ll receive, allowing you to save money while you’re being environmentally responsible.

Not only is lawn mowing a time consuming, less than enjoyable endeavor, it is also harmful to the atmosphere. Every time you mow your yard using a gas mower gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. We’re talking about copious amounts of carbon monoxide, organic compounds and nitrogen oxides that contribute mightily to smog. Adding synthetic grass means you’ll never have to mow again, and never spewing emissions into the atmosphere in the name of a perfectly manicured lawn.

Staying on the subject of lawn care, a great number of fertilizers and pesticides are used for lawn maintenance. The use of these items, which also have an adverse environmental effect, can be eliminated through the installation of a synthetic grass lawn.

If you could have a perfect looking yard year-round while respecting and helping the environment, would you? Of course you would, and now you can by choosing artificial grass as an alternative to the real thing.


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