Self-Storage Options For Vehicles – Why You Should Consider It

The option for self-storage is not merely limited to storing small personal items and household or office furniture. It also provides a convenient way to store vehicles that are not often used and are occupying considerable space in the home garage. Often times, a large portion of what is supposed to be open space outside the home is eaten up by parked boats, golf carts, trailers, RVs, ATVs, trucks, or vans. Sometimes, there are just too many cars owned in relation to the actual space available.

Why Consider Vehicle Self-Storage

People own many vehicles that are not used regularly because of their seasonal function. Others have been purchased as a collectible item and were never meant to be used on the road regularly. Still others simply occupy too much space at the home grounds and need to be moved for some time.

Vehicle owners who travel frequently for long periods may also feel safer if their vehicles are stored in a safe, monitored place rather than left in unoccupied homes. Vehicles that require extra care from the elements can be accommodated in self-storage facilities. In almost all circumstances where it would appear that vehicles can no longer be accommodated at home, the self-storage option is always something to consider.

What Self-Storage Facilities Offer to Vehicle Owners

Vehicle accommodation may vary among self-storage facilities. There are enclosed self-storage units that can accommodate small vehicles. There are also parking lots with roofs. Some facilities may only be able to offer uncovered parking spaces.

Owners of vehicles should determine which one is more appropriate for their needs. They just have to make sure that the units or spaces they will choose will fit in their vehicles. Another possible concern is climate-control. If owners feel that it is absolutely necessary that this feature is a must for a specific vehicle they own, then they should find one that offers such option.

What to Look For in a Vehicle Self-Storage Facility

Vehicle owners who are considering the self-storage facility option should look into the capability of the service provider to make good on their promise for a safe storage option. Security features against man-made and natural risks should be looked into. The physical condition of the facility will of course speak much of its capability.

Time limitation for accessing the facility, if any, should be made clear from the very start to avoid inconveniences on the part of the owner. It is always a plus factor if a self-storage facility provides a service station where vehicles can be cleaned and maintained while placed in it. The provision of electrical outlets and RV hook-ups are always welcome conveniences.

Important Things to Remember When Bringing Vehicles to Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities will not accept cars which are not registered and insured. They must also be in drivable condition with tires duly inflated. Under no circumstances are owners allowed to occupy the vehicle while stored in the facility. Some self-storage facilities require additional requirements.


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