Why Does The Shape and Material of Containers Matter?

What many people want this day are simplicity and the ability to dump everything into a container. If money can be saved, they would want to save it. As a result, many people resort to using cheap cardboard boxes that they obtained from purchasing electronics to store their things. It does not really seem to be a bad idea right? They can save money and recycle the boxes. However, this can cause damage to their items as the cardboard boxes are not meant to be reused and they can easily give way. Not only that, there is no “one size fits all” concept in storage. So let’s take a look at why shape and material of storage containers matter.

First and foremost, storage items differ and they have their own storage requirements. Fragile items will need to be stored in a container that offers protection against knocks and bumps. Not only that, the items will also need to be wrapped in a protective layer of material such as bubble wrap to cushion against any shocks. Excess space in the container will also cause the items to move around while in motion. As a result, the shape of storage containers is extremely crucial. The shape of the container must be matched as closely as possible to the storage items and how they are required to be stored will also need to be taken into consideration. You do not want an odd shape container only to realise it does not fit into your storeroom.

Materials of the storage containers will often decide the cost, durability and protection of the items. There are different classes of storage container materials out there for you to choose from. You can decide between wood, plastics, metals or even composites. Plastic containers are the cheapest and they are transparent, allowing you to see what is store inside without much effort. They are also chemically safe, allowing prolonged storage of items without much alteration to their properties. Wood containers such as carton boxes are widely available and cheap. However, they cannot touch water or the box will start to break apart on its own. Metal containers are sturdy and durable but they can corrode under high moisture conditions. This can be further accelerated if the storage facility is near the beach where the salt content is extremely high. Composite materials such as fibreglass are extremely durable, sturdy and they can practically last a lifetime. However, they are extremely expensive.

Storage of different items will require different storage materials and sizes of containers. There is no one size fits all scenarios in storage and you will need to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.


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